Completed Project Index

Medieval & Renaissance

Belt Pouch
Medieval Turnshoes
16th Century Smock (and another version)
16th Century Kirtle (and lacing tutorial)
16th Century "Henrician" Coif
16th Century Linen Apron
16th Century Woman's Waistcoat
Striped Band/BeltWoven Hair Tapes

Classical Revival/Regency/First Empire

Bonnet (and review of the Timely Tresses "Julia" pattern)
Long Stays with Trapunto Work
Bodiced Petticoat
Print Dress
Embroidered Reticule (Purse)
Open Robe

Mid-Victorian and American Civil War

Adult Clothing and Accessories

Wrapper for Ft. Nisqually
Black Plaid Dress (early 1860s)
Semi-sheer "en tablier" dress, 1865
Late 1850s Velvet and Lace Basque (and the wool skirt displayed with it)
1857 Wedding Dress (Silk Basque and Flounced Skirt)
Yellow Lawn Dress
1850s Coral Print Dress
Mid-1850s Tiered Dress
Ballgown Bodice
Plaid Cotton Dress, re-made
White Waist and Silk Belt, c.1861-65
Yoked Wash Dress (Brown Print)
White Dotted Swiss Basque c.1855-1856

Corded Sunbonnet
Slat Sunbonnet
Crepe bonnet, c. 1855 (review of Timely Tresses "Juliana Rose" pattern)
1865 Transitional Fanchon
1865 Fanchon
A Plain Cap, 1860s
1859-62 Low Spoon Straw Bonnet (Pattern from The Dressmaker's Shop) A second one.
Adult/Teen Wool Hoods

Knit Sontag, 1860
Cotton Print Half Apron

Knit Garters, 1862
Voile Undersleeves
Dotted Swiss Undersleevs
Semi-Open Lawn Undersleeves
Lawn Undersleeves with Frill
Cage Crinoline (Kayfig kit review)
Corded Petticoat, and another
Gored Corset, mid-19th century (and remade)
Corded Stays
Work Petticoat, and another Plaid Work Petticoat from an old dress
Quilted Petticoat (Part 1, Part 2)

Man's Shirt, mid 19th century
Linen Oversleeves

Berlin Work Slippers and Card Case
Berlin Work Workbasket (part 1.5)
Berlin Work Flag Needlebook
Carpet Bag
Cloth Doll (Historic Moments Patterns #400 review)
Also a corded petticoat and two girl's dresses for the doll.
Rolled Cloth Dolls (1854 instructions)
"Flying Star" Quilt
Sewing Kit (and another)
Different Rolled Sewing Kit (and another one of those)
1861 Union Rosette
Seed Bead Bracelet in Greek Key Pattern (in another color)
Brick Pincushion (1831/1854 instructions)

Children's Clothing and Accessories

1850s Girl's or Teen Dress (Review of HMP-250)
Two girls' dresses
Two more girls' dresses
Infant Gowns, part 1
Infants Gown, part 2
Infant Gowns, part 3 (and review of HMP-105)

Two Girl's Pinafores
Girl's Skirt (for use with a short gown)
Infant Caps
Infant Shirts and Flannel
Girl's Wool Hood

Twentieth Century

WWI Salvation Army Aprons


Finnish Birdseye Table Runner
Woven Placemats
Catan Applique Throw Pillows
Crochet Shawl

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