Tuesday, August 30, 2016

18th/19th Century Silk Robe

Another recently completed project: a turn-of-the-nineteenth-century robe.  The inspiration pieces are a series of fashion plates showing a flowing outer garment which is fully open in front and has short sleeves.
Purple open robe over white dress with purple hair bands and reticule, 1797.
1797 fashion plate from
Journal des Luxus und der Moden
From Journal des Dames et des Modes, 1798
The pattern was taken from a c. 1795-1803 example in Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion I (the garment is in the VAM collection).  I altered the pattern to omit the front bodice and shortened/re-shaped the sleeves to better resemble the fashion plates. The outer material is a silk taffeta with satin stripes; the lining is a lighter weight plain silk.

Edited to add pictures of the front (er, side):

c. 1797 Open Robe, Jane Austen Festival

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