Tuesday, August 2, 2016

English Camp

I've just returned from an extended weekend on San Juan Island, where we marked the 50th anniversary of the park--and 100th of the National Park Service--with a reenactment of the 1859 Pig War.  Lasting from 1859/60-1872, the Pig War had one casualty (the pig), and a larger-than-usual* number of friendly sporting and festive interactions between the two factions.  Basically, the English and American soldiers spent twelve years camping at each other.

*Among wars of similar duration.

Though the Americans ultimately gained/retained control of the island, the English certainly won for having a nicer camp location.

View from American Camp, San Juan Island
The wind-swept plain at American Camp.
View of English Camp with blockhouse, San Juan Island
Verdant English Camp, on Garrison Bay, surrounded by trees.
HBC reenactors, 2016 San Juan Island Encampment
HBC employees from Bellevue Farm played a key role in the
Pig War--or, at least, their pig did.
HBC officer reenactors, 2016 San Juan Island Encampment
Captain and Mrs. Mouat's excellent and comfortable arrangements.
Cricket match at San Juan Encampment 2016.
The best war re-enactments involve cricket games...
Tea during cricket break, 2016 San Juan Encampment
...with tea breaks.
Cannon firing demo at San Juan 2016 Pig War Reenactment
Madame Peppan and the Royal Marines
gave the event an explosive conclusion. 

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