Hair-Dressing Tutorials

"When the line of beauty does not exist, let the hair be so humoured that the deficiency shall not be remarked." How to Arrange the Hair, 1857
The Lady's Friend, April 1864


Tools and Embellishments for Mid-19th Century Hair-Dressing
A Glossary of Hair Terms 

Basic Elements

1855-65 Hair-Dressing Basics (Braided chignon and simple side-twist style)
Plain And Two Braid Chignons  (Basics II)
Rope and Cable Chignons

Side Hair

Wide Side Bands, c. 1855
More Side Braids, 1860/62
Side Braids with Rolls, 1862
Wide Side Rolls, early 1860s

Back Hair (Chignons)

Waterfall, c. 1863-7
Braided Waterfall, c. 1865-6
French Twist/Ordinary Hair of 1854
Braids for a Young Lady, 1860


Rope, 1854
Cable Plait/Twist, 1856
Grecian Plaits, 1856
Basket Plaits, 1856

Styling Aids

Soft Pomatum, 1854
Hard Pomatum, 1854
Hair Oil ("Macassar Oil"), 1853

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