Monday, June 29, 2015

Hair-Dressing: More early 1860s side braids

Here's two more slightly-different ways of doing the side braids for an early 1860's hairstyle.

The first is based on the 1862 Braid With Roll; the instructions mention that if the roll doesn't suit, the braid can be done alone.  This ends up looking a lot like the front plaits from the 1860 braided coiffure.

Step 1: The usual T-part, and dress the back hair as you choose. (See basic hairstyle, etc.)

Step 2: Braid the side hair from the temples.

Step 3: Take the side braids to the back and wrap around the back hair.

The second option is taken from this 1862 hairstyle:

From Peterson's, September of '62, page 169.
It's reprinted in the December
Godey's, page 541/617.

(I attempted to duplicate the entire coiffure, but discovered over the course of an hour that I have too much hair for the "S" twist, and that it also doesn't hold a crimp well.)

Step 1: T-part and put up the back hair as usual.

Step 1B: Crimp or wave the front hair near the scalp, if desired. (Some period methods are mentioned here).

Step 2: Separate the side hair, reserving a small portion at the top front.  Braid the rest.

Step 3 Pin the braids around the bun, as usual.

Step 4: Brush the remaining loose hair over the top of the braid (this makes the braid seem to "sprout" out of the head).  Twist it around the bun and pin into place.

Viewers' Right: Plain braid (first option)
Viewer's Left: Braid with plain header (second)

Back view, the usual mass of braids.

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