Friday, June 26, 2015

One last look at HMP-250

Two more dresses for the fort's volunteer wardrobe, using the Historic Moments/ Sewing Academy Girls' Dresses pattern (see the review here, and more options here).  There's another "infant style" dress, this one with the fullest bodice option, and puffed sleeves.  It has a drawstring in the neckline, and another at the back waist, making it somewhat adjustable.
Adjustable full infant bodice dress with short puff sleeves, from SA/HMP-250
The material is actually a very fine white and pink
"gingham" check, not a solid.
The other is a yoked bodice, this one with the higher "jewel" neckline and the short, smooth sleeve.

Yoked bodice dress with short smooth sleeves, from SA/HMP-250
It's a little small for the hanger.
Yoked bodice with jewel neck.
Better view of the fabric and yoked bodice.

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