Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Plain Cap, early 1860s

Plain cotton cap for 1860s wear.

Recently completed: a plain cap for a female ACW nurse.  Research here.  The material is white cotton batiste left over from another project.  The shape is taken from an 1859 night cap pattern (#3 on the research post); the idea for the cord through the brim comes from Liz Clark's infant cap pattern (SA-100), though a center back drawstring also appears on pattern #1 of the research post, as well as the c. 1850 woman's cap featured therein.  As per the descriptions of nurses' caps being "plain" and "unbecoming", this cap is made without trim or ornament, save for three 1/4" tucks, which add some body to the brim. 

I opted not to include ties under the chin, as I rarely use the ties on my own morning cap, and the period illustrations show a mixture of caps with and without ties.  I will add some later, if needed.

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