History Research Index

These are mostly for the mid-19th century, since my main eras at the moments are ACW and 1850s local history.  Resources for living history collated here.

Victorian Make-Up (at 4th US blog)
Victorian Color Combinations (4th)
Photography: Stands and Rests
Flag Needlebook

Quilts, 1860s and Before (4th)
Wool Quilts, before 1865
A Quilting Party or Bee

1850s Dinner Party Bill of Fare
An 1850s Wedding
Christmas Activities, 1850s
Christmas Crafts, 1850s
Christmas Dinner, c.1840-1865
Christmas Songs, c.1812-1865
Christmas Trees, 1830s-1860s

Bride's Attire, 1850s
1850s/60s Mourning Attire (4th)

1850s-1860s Women's Accessories (Quantitative Survey)
1850s-1860s Undersleeves (Quantitative Survey)

Mid-19th Century Chemises (4th)
Mid-19th Century Drawers (4th)
Mid-19th Century Corsets (4th)
Mid-19th Century Stockings (4th)
Mid-19th Century Garters (4th)
Mid-19th Century Petticoats (4th)
Corded Petticoats, 1830s-1850s
Quilted Petticoats, 1830s-1860s
Hoop Skirts (4th)
Regency Stays

Shoes of the mid-19th Century (4th)
Men's and Women's Hats of the Early 1860s (4th)
Bonnets and Hoods of the mid-19th Century (4th)
Fanchon Bonnets, c. 1865
Sunbonnets, 1850s/60s
Parasols, c. 1850-1870 (4th)
Colored Spectacles, 1860s

Regency Dress Research (early 1800s)
ACW Dress Trends (4th)
Dress Sleeves of the Early 1860s (4th)
White Waists and Garibaldi Shirts, Early 1860s (4th)
Dress Research, Spring 1865 
Dress Research, Spring of 1865, part 2

16th Century Aprons
Regency Shoes and Shoe-Roses
Shoes of the Early 1860s (4th)
Mid-19th Century Ladies' Belts (4th)
Mid-19th Century Fans (4th)

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