Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sewing Kit

As a more portable alternative to my work basket, I made up a little rolled sewing kit from Anna Worden Bauersmith's Fanciful Utility. The materials are all reproduction prints out of my quilting stash, plus a few scraps of wool flannel and a little roving to stuff the pincushion.  The box walls and lid are pasteboard, which was left-over from making a hat box. Except for the linings, it's all hand-sewn, which took far less time than expected.

Rolled box sewing case from Fanciful Utility, open

Rolled box sewing case from Fanciful Utility, tied closed

So far, it's very convenient little case: small enough for easy packing and transport, but still equipped with the requisite pins, needles, scissors, thread, thimble, and wax that are so useful to have on hand.  In it's first 18 hours at a reenactment, this case has aided in the alteration of three dresses and two coats.

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  1. Your case came out quite nice. Thank you for blogging about it.
    I love the last line about its usefulness.


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