Thursday, August 13, 2015

Yellow Lawn Dress, mid-1850s

Debuted my new summer sheer at Brigade this last weekend. The material is a Hufflepuff/canary yellow lawn, with a subtle woven windowpane pattern and a soft hand.

1850s yellow lawn sheer dress

Pleated bodice (custom-draped) with half-lining, open sleeves, gauged skirt, blinding color.  Watch pocket on the wearer's left.

Watch pocket above gauged skirt

Open sleeve with self-fabric ruffle.

Half-high lining under sheer bodice.

And for the inevitable, "Did Victorians wear bright colors?", may I present Mrs. Charles Morey:

Mrs. Charles Morey (1855) by George Healy
Mrs. Charles Morey (1855) by George Healy


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