Tuesday, July 7, 2015

1850s Infant Clothing

Here's a few more recent pieces for the Ft. Nisqually volunteer wardrobe.  I'm currently working my way through Liz Clark's pattern for infants' undergarments (Sewing Academy/ Historic Moments Patterns-100: Infants' Linens).

Shirts (one "open" back for 0-3m, and three closed shirts for older babies):
Infant shirts, 1850s/1860s style, from the Sewing Academy-100 Infants' Linens Pattern.

Underdress/ "flannel":

Flannel or underdress, from the Sewing Academy-100 Infants' Linens Pattern.

Caps, stays, petticoats, and drawers are next on the list.  Then on to gowns!


  1. These look great! Will you have photos of kids wearing the clothing you have made? Very little is cuter than kids in historical clothing.

  2. True. Since these are for the loaner closet, I probably won't get pics, however. :(


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