Thursday, September 25, 2014

Completed Project: Quilt

I haven't posted any sewing projects in a while, so here's the quilt I was working on during August.

The block is 'flying star', from an 1840s (finished 1890s) original featured in Treasures in the Trunk.  I picked that particular design in order to use up small scraps from the various cotton dresses, aprons, and bonnets that I've made since my last patchwork project.  All recycled materials (batting is actually wool yardage from the skirt of my beige dress, backing is an old cotton sheet).  Machine pieced--because I needed it done fast--7 squares by 5, hand quilted in concentric semi-circular "fans", as per the original; wrap-around back to form the binding.

Flying Star patchwork quilt.

Close-up of flying star square.

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