Monday, April 27, 2015

Pink Bonnet, Winter-Spring 1865

Partial continuation of the fanchon research and drafting posts:

Inspired by this bonnet from Peterson's (February 1865):
Satin "puffed" bonnet from Peterson's Magazine, February 1865.
"Blue Satin Bonnet, Puffed Lengthwise, trimmed with a large blue rose and black lace, with the puffings fastened with black beads."

Pink puffed 'transitional' fanchon, with green ribbons.

Buckram and wire 'fanchon'-shaped base. Covering of pale pink sheer silk, “puffed”, and extended to form an abbreviated soft crown. Self fabric ruffle along the back edge. Ties of green silk taffeta, with back bow of the same. Cluster of white flowers to trim (left side only). Interior lining of cotton crinoline, with cap of vintage lace along the brim interior, gathers concentrated at the top.

The lace edging on the back of the cheek tabs was omitted; with the back bow switched to silk (to better relate the bonnet ties to overall design), a lace edging lacked cohesion, while a matching silk trim in that location looked excessive.

Fanchon cap (interior lace)

Flower and ribbon trim.

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