Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Red Fanchon, Spring/Summer 1865

And now, the second and final half of the fanchon-drafting adventure (started here, continued here and including the half-crown version here).

Red and black fanchon bonnet, 1865 style.

Crownless fanchon-shaped bonnet, decorated with self-fabric ruffles and ties, and trimmed with lace.
Cap or lace ruffle inside bonnet.

Self-fabric ruffle at back of fanchon.

Based particularly on this original from the Met:
Crownless fanchon in The Met, date 1840-1869, though I suspect 1865-69.
Full entry here
I also briefly messed around with attaching some flowers under the brim and along the crown, as per Peterson's April-May 1865 illustrations, but didn't like the effect.  I'll likely revisit this later.
Bonnet from Peterson's 1865
Nice bonnet, but the disembodied head is creepy
Another bonnet from Peterson's, 1865.
Another concept which was considered.  

And here's an action shot, including the front of my bonnet as worn (thanks to Betsy, who snagged it off of C-SPAN):
Ashley, Betsy, Mom, and I at the 150th Anniversary Lincoln Funeral Reenactment.

The lady in purple with the straw fanchon is, of course, Miss Connolly.  Miss Middleton has the straw bonnet with the black veil thrown back, and the striped parasol.  Mama is on the far right, with the pink bonnet and black plaid dress.

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