Sunday, September 11, 2016

Another Rolled Sewing Kit

One of these days I will make some of the other items in Fanciful Utility (there's just too many to pick from!), but for now, here's another rolled sewing kit.  It's a gift for my other awesome mentor at The Fort.

Mid-nineteenth century sewing kit, open, from Anna Bauersmith's "Fanciful Utility".
Sewing kit open.
Victorian rolled sewing kit, closed, from Anna Bauersmith's "Fanciful Utility".
Rolled shut for transport or storage.
The blue stripe print is leftover from my wrapper (Windham 30586-2, from Eileen Trestain's "Sally Rose" line), the red is a Sturbridge Village print, and I don't recall the name of the purple coral. The needle pages are red wool, and the pin cushion is stuffed with wool roving.

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