Friday, September 16, 2016

Wool Side-Lacing Gaiters, c.1856

Pattern and instructions from Every Lady Her Own Shoemaker (1856), with advice from Mrs. Ryan, Mr. Kempe, and an anonymous brigader.

Wool gaiters or ankle boots from "Every Lady Her Own Shoemaker" (1856)
Plaid wool ladies' gaiters, style of mid/late 1850s. 
Sideview of ankle boots (gaiters).
Side Laces.
The fit could use further refinements, but I'm generally quite pleased with how they turned out.  I'll try a stiffer lining on the next ones.
Front view of Victorian-style ankle boots (gaiters) with chevron.
This is how I match plaids. :)

The outer material is wool (from S. R. Harris); the lining is pimatex cotton.  The silk bias binding and cotton laces were dyed to match.  Scrap leather for the soles and heel-stiffener.  Upper sewn with silk thread, soles attached with coarse linen (waxed).

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