Sunday, September 25, 2016

ALHFAM Western Region Conference 2016

I've just returned from the ALHFAM (Association for Living History Farms and Museums) Western Region Conference.  This year, it was hosted by the Dorris Ranch in Springfield, OR, which is just outside of Eugene.  It is also an interesting mixed used park, historic site and living history village, which includes a working filbert/hazelnut orchard, and is approximately 172 times the size of Fort Nisqually.
ALHFAM 2016. Filbert/hazelnut trees. Dorris Ranch, Springfield, OR.
Filbert (hazelnut) trees at Dorris Ranch, Springfield, OR.
[They're also dealing with a really nasty blight that's affecting about 130 acres of America's oldest commercial hazelnut orchard, including trees over 110 years old.  Click here to find out more.]

ALHFAM 2016 Living History Clothing Collection Presentation.
Nancy prepares to give her presentation on site wardrobes.
I was there to provide tech support for Nancy's talk: "Clothes Make the Person: How We Run a Successful Living History Clothing Program at Fort Nisqually Living History Museum".  From the other presenters, we got to learn about Genesee Country Village's experiential programming around spices (the best-smelling presentation), points to consider when reproducing historic clothing (best display of original garments), and crowd-sourced museum funding (best slide-show).  Over dinner, author William Sullivan took us through 14000 years of Oregon history.  In a related note, he's a formidable hiker.

On Saturday, we toured the Dorris Ranch, and took time for some hands-on activities to explore Oregon history, while perhaps getting a bit silly. 
ALFHAM 2016 Dorris Ranch Filbert Nut Orchard.
Janna knows a great deal about filbert trees.
ALFHAM 2016 Dorris Ranch Oregon Trail Activity
Conference attendees prepare to embark on the Oregon Trail.
ALFHAM 2016 Dorris Ranch Archery
Peggy's archery puts us all to shame.

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