Thursday, March 10, 2016

D.C. & Harrisburg, Day 5

Otherwise known as Day 1 of the Civilian Symposium (or, day 1 of the pre-Conference classes).

No fun landmark pictures today, as I didn't leave the hotel, but I did get to take fun workshops with Kay Cogswell and Janine Whiteman.  The evening Welcome Reception featured period entertainments, including delightful singing by Colleen, Liz, and Betsy.
Seed bead bracelet on loom.
In-progress seed bead bracelet from Kay's class.  There was also
a display of original beaded bracelets.
Three 19th century vests from the PNJW Collection.
Some of the many original men's vests studied in Janine's class.
From the PNJW Collection (used with permission).
Six ladies in wrappers at the Welcome Reception.
Wrappers and smoking jackets were popular attire for
the Welcome Rception.

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