Sunday, March 6, 2016

D.C. and Harrisburg Trip, Day 1

Day 1: Mount Vernon and Alexandria.

Mount Vernon mansion house and green.
Mansion at Mount Vernon, viewed from the Bowling Green.

Upper garden at Mount Vernon.
Upper Garden.

Mount Vernon kitchen with large cooking hearth.
Kitchen.  Check out that hearth!

Potomac River, viewed from the colonnade at Mount Vernon.
Potomac, viewed from the colonnade.

Coach in the Mount Vernon coach house.
Coach house.

Sheep at Mount Vernon's mansion house farm.
Sheep! There were also cattle.

Tomb of George and Martha Washington (and family) at Mount Vernon.
Washington's tomb isn't quite a big as Lincoln's.
Wharf on the Potomac River, at Mount Vernon.
And not on the Mount Vernon Estate:
Bilbo Baggins pub in Alexandria, VA.
...I ordered the Smaug pizza.  And a Rivendell cocktail.

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