Saturday, August 27, 2016

Aerophane Embroidered Purse

Silk purse with aerophane and chenille embroidery, late 18th century design.
Silk purse, based a c. 1800 design.
The design from an original dated c. 1790-1800, which is featured in 18th Century Embroidery Techniques by Gail Marsh.  I decided to make it up as a gift for a mentor and friend who is travelling to Bath for the Jane Austen festival.

The purse material is black silk taffeta (the original was black satin), with stem-stitch embroidery in green silk chenille; the roses are made from bias-cut strips of custom-dyed silk chiffon.  The lining is white silk; cord and tassels are made from size FF beading silk in black and gold.

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