Monday, November 23, 2015

Teen or Adult Wool Hoods, 1850s/60s

These are the ones that I cut previously; they're for the Fort's lending wardrobe, specifically to keep heads dry during winter events.  As I mentioned before, it's Liz Clark's sunbonnet pattern, done up according to her instructions for a tufted winter hood.

Tufted winter hood from Sewing Academy instructions.
Red Hood

Woman's winter hood (1850s-1860s) from Liz Clark's instructions
Plaid Hood

Hood laid out flat, with tufting.
A Whole Lot of Tying

They're not quite as cute as the original, but I think they'll work fine.  Exteriors are wool remnants from the Ft. Nisqually Sewing Guild's stash, interiors are cotton prints, ditto.  There was no batting on hand, so I made a mosaic of odd-shaped scraps for the interior, hence the close tying. As promised, the pattern is easy to follow and goes together quickly, but the tufting part takes a while: close to three hours per hood, in my experience, with the rest of the cutting and construction clocking in around an hour each. The first one (blue/red girl's hood), with no inner layer, actually went very quickly because I was able to join the facing to the lining, and the lining to the outer layer by machine, turning the seams to the inside and finishing by hand.  For hoods quilted or tufted through all layers, this turning isn't possible, so you'll either need to finish the edges by hand, or have visible machine top-stitching all around.

The plaid hood follows the instructions as given; for diversity I played the with red, turning over the lining to bind the edges and using contrast-lining for both the front and back ties.  I like the effect, except for the the brown lining clashing with the black yarn spots (I didn't think that one through all the way).

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