Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mid-Nineteenth Century Gored Corset

Updating my gored 1850s/1860s number.  It started life as the Simplicity 2890 corset (pattern by Kay Gnagey).  After two alterations, I got the bust gussets to the almost-proper widths for me.  Following Liz Clark's advice (and scissor-work) at the Nisqually workshops in October, there are now four additional hip gussets in the side and side back; the back gusset has also been re-sized, and the entire upper front extended by 2". I also added some additional boning, to help support the extra swaths of fabric.  Additional fitting advice from the SA ladies, and some final gore re-shaping/ change of bone placement from Dana, and voila:

Gored mid-Victorian corset for 1850s and 1860s wear.

Corset on dress form, to better show the shape.

I've decided that I still hate sewing in gores, but that they can be effective.

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