Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Corded Petticoat for a Doll

Doll-sized 1850s corded petticoat.
Corded petticoat for a 15" cloth doll.

This one's of my own devising, based on my preferred method for making human-sized corded petticoats.  The petticoat is 1" shorter in length than the standard for this doll (since it's to be the lowest layer), and at 2/3 the usual width.  The material was cut three inches longer than the finished length, allowing for 2" of cording in the turn-up (and a 1/2" fold under the hem).  All machine sewn, except for the gathers and waistband.  Closes with a hook and thread bar.

Cording petticoat on sewing machine with zipper foot.
Cording with a zipper foot.  I prefer this to threading the cord through a pre-sewn channel.

Detail of cords set in petticoat hem.
Close-up of cords and hem.

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