Monday, December 29, 2014

Woven Placemats

Happy 5th Day of Christmas!  My parents have unwrapped their presents, so it's now safe to share my latest weaving project: plaid placemats (an unfortunate camera malfunction prevented the planned 'in-progress' post).

Handwoven plaid placemat.

I haven't tried weaving a plaid before, and this seemed just the project to start on.  The dining room in question is primarily done in blue, with some accents in green, gold and red on the curtains. With that in mind, I opted for a neutral blue and white as my main color scheme, with hints of green and yellow to add visual interest without becoming too loud and/or busy.  They're meant to look nice in the room, without looking ridiculous in the event of a future remodel.

I experimented with a few designs in Plaidmaker, and eventually decided on this one.  In the interest of keeping my selvages neat, I decided to confine the accent colors to the warp (I am still fairly new at this, and know that color changes in the weft are one of my sticking points).  So, this plaid is basically a check with two extra color stripes down the warp columns.  I'm using a tabby (plain) weave, because the yarn I selected already had some visual interest and texture of it's own, and I thought the simple weave would set it off better than a complex one.

Warp: (8 blue 4 yellow 8 blue) (8 white 4 green 8 white), repeated.  No special selvage treatment.
Weft: 20 blue, 20 white, repeated.  Hem-stitch with a short fringe.

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