Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Link-Dump: 19th Century Original Items On-Line

Looking at originals items (whether clothing, housewares, or what have you) is really useful for developing a period 'eye'.  Here are a few sites that I find useful to look through when researching the 'look' of a particular item, or deciding if a reproduction is accurate enough for me to feel comfortable using it.  I originally found many of these sites through The Sewing Academy.*

Original Clothing:
Museum of Fine Arts Boston- Searching the museum collections can be...interesting.  There's a lot of material, so tweaking searches to produce the desired results can some practice.
Met Online Collections- Both the Met and MFA have gorgeous bonnets and dresses.
Wisconsin Historical Museum Online Collections
The Henry Ford Museum: Collections Access
UK National Trust
The Graceful Lady- Pictures of original garments, fashion plates and CDVs.
Barrington House- CDVs
Originals by Kay (Research Corner)- Short articles illustrated with original fashion plates and pictures; also, the research behind Simplicity #2881 and #2887.
La Couturiere Parisienne- Fashion Plates & CDVs, original patterns from the 1850s.
Demode Couture- Extensive list of pictures of original garments, from the 17th-20th centuries
The Fashionable Past- A few original items c. 1820-1910, but with lots of good close-ups showing the construction details.

Original Material Culture:
Steamboat Arabia PicturesMore PicturesEven More Pictures and the Virtual Tour- A favorite resource for period housewares.
Steamboat Bertrand (official site)- Fewer pictures, but some good close-ups.
Historic New England- Has wide variety of housewares, clothing, and furnishings (like bandboxes).

Pinterest Boards:
Anna Bauersmith- She literally wrote the book on sewing cases and straw bonnets.
Betsy Conolly- Repinned by the Empress herself
Duchess Martin- Note the fabric swatch books and buttons
Jenny Jones-  Original garments; examples of good reproductions for new reenactors

*I end up linking to the SA in every post.  This isn't coincidental, it's just that awesome of a place.

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