Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Rocky Mountain Punch

I revisited some old receipts for this past Twelfth Night, and also tried some 'new' ones:

Rocky Mountain Punch (no.43) from How to Mix Drinks (1862):
For a mixed party of twenty: 
5 bottles of champagne
1 quart of Jamaica rum
1 pint of maraschino
6 lemons sliced
Sugar to taste.  
Mix the above ingredients in a large punch-bowl, then place in the centre of the bowl a large square block of ice, ornamented on top with rock candy, loaf-sugar, sliced lemons or oranges, and fruits in season. This is a splendid punch for New Year's Day. 
Twelfth Night is the same week as New Year's , so it's rather seasonable.

Rocky Mountain Punch

Scaled down to 2 bottles of champagne, because the company was less than 20.  Approximately 15 oz of rum, 6 1/2 oz maraschino liquor, and 2 1/2 sliced lemons.  Garnished the ice block with sugar, and orange and lemon slices (this could certainly be done more festively).

The punch is tasty, easy to make, and could be made quite festive by someone with more decorating skills. It's also really, really strong, so be warned.

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