Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year's Resolutions

Arthur's, May 1857

My New Year's Costuming Resolutions, aka, all the unfinished projects I'd like to wrap up in 2018:

  • Mid-16th century gown
  • Mid-16th century coif [done]
  • Tablet-woven garters
  • 16th century shoes (ideally with some fabulous chopines) [sort of]
  • 1850s Plaid Wool Dress
  • Knit undersleeves
  • Three chemises [1/3]
  • Three pairs of drawers [2/3]
  • Three pairs of cotton cloth stockings [1/3]
  • Black wool dress (c.1860) remade
  • Silk convertible day/evening dress c. 1860
  • 1850s Sewing apron
  • Miser's Purse
  • Neoclassical (regency) bib-front dress
  • Two pairs of wool gaiters, with fitting issues resolved
  • 1850s winter coat
  • Quilted hood, for which I received the materials last Christmas
  • Nelly's Little Sister [done]
  • If the stars align, either the 1890s or 1770s stays I've been meaning to make for several years now.

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