Monday, April 4, 2016

Early 1840s Sewing Bag

Late to the party, but Anna Worden Bauersmith did a lovely sew along earlier this year, providing templates and instructions to make a cute work bag based on this c. 1840-1845 original.  She's since started another one for purses (and even though my crochet is abysmal, it's so cute that I'm tempted to join in).

Here's mine:
1840s style Sewing Bag from Anna Worden's Sew Along

Needle pages on sewing bag, from Anna Worden's Sew Along.

Interior of sewing bag, from Anna Worden's Sew Along.

The brown and pink repro print probably came from Hancock's of Paducah; the pink cotton satin ribbon is from Fabric Depot in Portland, and the wool flannel "pages" are scraps from my stash (originally from Mill End in Minneapolis).  I opted to put a small pocket in each side of the lining, against the pasteboard, the better to keep track of thimbles and other little items.  I switched the ribbon trim from box pleats to ruching ("rose leaf wave trimming" in Miss Leslie's terms), as I can't seem to manage neat pleats in satin.

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