Saturday, March 12, 2016

D. C. & Harrisburg, Day 7

Another busy day at the Civilian Symposium.  In addition to the new display of original garments, there were talks on evolving fashions, furniture styles, lace, insane asylums, and the technological developments underlying skirt supports (Carolann rocked those patent files).  First, though, the presenters showed off their Conference Dress--or Vests, for the gents; before the conference, each received an identical piece of material and instructions to "make a 19th century garment".  The resulting items show an astounding range of style and purpose.
Symposium faculty in their blue dresses.
All the blue plaid--with different sleeves, bodices, and trim.
In the evening, there was a formal dinner and period ball, with live music by Smash the Windows.
Ball and dinner tickets and dance list.

Dancers at the 2016 Civilian Symposium Ball.
Dancing at the ball.


  1. If you have time, you should try to wander through Frederick. I was there this past week for a brief visit to DC, and it's GORGEOUS. All old, interesting architecture, Barbara Fritchie's house, etc. Oh and lots of antiques!

    1. No time this trip, but it sounds great. I'll just have to come out east again. :)


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