Saturday, November 15, 2014

HFF #12: If they had it...

The Challenge: Make a food that is older than you expected.

The Recipe: To Make a Fondue (From Mrs. Beeton's)

Date/Year & Region: 1861, British

How Did You Make It:  (Made half-scale) Weigh 1 egg for reference(2 oz); measure out 2 oz of butter, 2 oz. grated Parmesan cheese.  Separate two eggs, beat the whites to a light froth and set aside. Beat egg yokes with grated cheese and chopped butter.  Salt and pepper added to taste (guessed). Fold in egg whites.  Bake 15 min at 350 F.  Serve immediately.

Time to Complete: 20 min

Total Cost: $1.92 for a half-size (cost of eggs, butter, cheese)

How Successful Was It: Yummy; like a very light and cheese-y omelette.  Next time, I would cut the butter a bit finer before mixing, or possibly reduce the amount (there were some little pockets of melted butter which hadn't incorporated.

How Accurate Was It: Directions followed to a nicety.  As noted, I did make this batch half-sized, and opted to bake it in a glass bowl (the receipt called for a souffle pan or cake tin).  The definition of "fondue" has evidently changed a bit in the last 150 years.

Fondue from Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management, 1861.

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